Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Charlotte Brew

We caught Edd Merritt at home last week brewing up a batch of Irish stout. Edd makes his own beer from time to time, although hasn't tried this particular recipe before. From top to bottom, here is how it's done: (1) the grains are pulled out of the wort after simmering for an hour or so, (2) malt is poured into the pot for another round of simmering, (3) stirring the yeast into the wort, (4) cooling the mix as quickly as possible (no snow banks handy!). Our beer is then poured into a fermentor, where it sits for two weeks, and then goes into a carboy, or secondary fermentor for two more weeks before it's bottled. We need a name for this batch - Eastside Stout? Charlotte Dark?

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