Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Many Roads Does It Take...

Lots of talk this week about the ancient road issue again - what to do?  There's a Selectboard meeting next Monday (May 18) at 7 at the Town Hall to discuss whether they'll let them go or try to turn one or two into trails - or let the landowner use it to provide access for a future subdivision.  You can cast your vote now in the new poll to the right. Click here to see the reports and the map in a larger size. 

In the meantime, Martha Perkins wrote this alert:

Ancient Roads, Again.

They are located everywhere in Charlotte.

Every landowner in Charlotte – it is important that you be concerned that an ancient road, drawn up and used in the 1700’s and 1800’s, but abandoned, may soon be determined a legal public way, placed on the Charlotte Town Map, thus become, once again in the 21st century, open to the public.   The SB will decide which roads will become, again, public ways, open to the public, and placed on the Charlotte Town Map. 

 Take notice, landowners.  No landowner will be notified directly by the SB, as usually is the case when a public action may affect a nearby/abutting landowner.

 You need to be responsible for tending to your own land and the impact the ancient road may have on it.  That’s the way it will work, this time.  No notice from SB – legal or not!

 The Selectboard will review these roads on Monday, May 18 – next Monday.  If you are concerned that you may be impacted by this board’s decision, attend the meeting.  If you are not there and the ancient road is near you or on your land and you do not speak up, it may become a public way.  It is OK to speak out.

 It is important that every landowner sit up and take notice of this issue, for the following reasons: 

1.      Ancient roads designed long, long ago are known to be located such that they run through a 21st century house whose land was legally subdivided and house was legally built and bought. 

2.    Ancient Roads do cut through landowners’ property.

3.    Ancient Roads are being considered as walking/hiking trails throughout the Town.  While walking/hiking trails are a healthy thing and are valuable to all of us, you may not want a trail to be located next to your house or through your land.  

 Now, to learn more:  Google Town of Charlotte/Planning Commission; then click on Ancient Roads.  The PC carefully researched each ancient road for its possible value to the Town.  Their report to the SB, a map of the ancient roads, and other important information is right there and you should avail yourself of this, if you are worried.

The ancient roads are everywhere throughout Charlotte.  You will be surprised when you look at the map. 

Fortunately, this issue may be resolved soon after a long time, thanks to PC’s good research and SB persistence, via an appropriate process or not. 

 This letter in no way diminishes my appreciation for the time and effort the individuals on the SB put in on behalf of our town.




Anonymous said...

3. Ancient Roads are being considered as walking/hiking trails throughout the Town. BECAUSE walking/hiking trails are a healthy thing and are valuable to all of us, I WANT A TRAIL TO BE LOCATED ON OR NEAR MY LAND FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF ALL.

Spread community collaboration through healthy recreation in Charlotte.

Chris said...

Yes, the trails are for the public good. I have lived with a public trail in my back yard and did always appreciate the flow and ebb of pedestrian traffic.