Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Mashnee Launches

Congratulations to George Darling and his talented crew of Darling's Boatworks on the successful completion of a 3 1/2-year project of the total restoration of Mashnee, the gorgeous 1902 Buzzards Bay 30' sloop that launched at the Point Bay Marina yesterday. Here's a video of the end of the launch (which did not involve any splash, but instead was a slow, careful process):

The ceremony began with speeches by owner Jan Rozendaal and George, who thanked his crew and the subcontractors and his wife, Pam. Here's a video of a bit of Jan's comments:

There was a large turnout despite the rainy, cold morning. Warmed by the muffins, scones and hot coffee, we all trooped over to the boat after the talks, which rested in her cradle straps of the lift. Jan's wife placed a traditional wreath on the bowsprit and then the Mashnee was gently lowered into the water to the applause of the crowd, where she bobbed magnificently in the breeze.

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