Saturday, May 3, 2008

Above is a (very dark) video of a few bars from Marty and Robert's performance:

CharLotter Marty Morrissey
and Robert Resnick performed at Carol's Hungry Mind Coffeehouse in Middlebury last night. Marty and Robert played a mix of traditional Vermont tunes and Irish jigs and reels (what's the difference??), including one tune about prohibition and Milton. The first set included two (2!) songs about black flies. Which was strikingly topical since I had spent the afternoon outside swatting at black flies in Milton (don't ask) and thinking about how fortunate we are to live just south of the worst of that particular scourge. We get the flies but not nearly as bad as up north -- or am I mistaken? Where's the worst black fly-location in our town? Anyway, it was soothing to sit and allow Marty's musical balm. By the way, Marty wasn't quite up to playing guitar with his post-surgery left hand but handled the concertina and drums with no problem, as you can hear from the video. Though he did say at intermission that the hand was pretty sore.

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